Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What more appropriate day to show photos of the present day enemies of America than on the 64th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Make no mistake about it, folks - we are under attack, on our soil, once again. And this attack has been ongoing for many years; it's just that now the enemies have ratcheted up their noise. Today's MSM (Main Stream Media) is a willing enabler of these traitors.

What? You think the word "traitor" is a harsh word? What do you think they are?

Code Pink: On March 15, 2005, Code Pink joined forces in Washington, DC with several other groups (I'll highlight them in future entries) in a gruesome display of their hatred of America and her military.

They brought their loud and profane group to the courtyard outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where dozens of gravely wounded servicemen and women are trying to heal. And what signs and props did they bring with them, you ask?

They dressed in black outfits, and carried black wreaths, signs, black flowers and black cardboard coffins.

Of course, the MSM was happy to cover this disgusting display.

The procession had begun the day before at Dover, Delaware - outside the Dover AFB, where the remains of servicemembers killed in action are brought in the first leg of their final journey home.

These leftists hold nothing but contempt for our servicemembers who have given so much (some gave all) to protect the rights of all of us, including those Americans who hate America.

If you have the stomach to talk to some of these people, you will "learn" that September 11th was a government plot for world domination and desctruction of civil liberties here in the US. You will also "learn" that the government of Israel put us up to this dastardly plan. For a bunch of leftists - who spout off incessantly about peace and tolerance and inclusion - they sure are a bunch of anti-semitic, race-baiting, murderer-loving (Mao, Che, Fidel, Kim Jong Il, Saddam, Arafat, PLO, Mumia Abu Jamal, etc) liars.

Now, some DC Code Pink members have vociferously, vehemently, and vigorously denied that they ever brought coffins to any of their protests at Walter Reed. But these photos are proof, yet again, that they are not only traitors, but liars as well.

And just in case Code Pink thinks they can get away with denying any official involvement with this event, you can check the sponsor list at the bottom of the documents at these links:

(Note: you may want to save the pages - they have a funny way of "disappearing" once they are exposed to large viewership)!.33;read=5273

"Sponsored by: American Friends Service Committee, Baltimore Pledge of Resistance, Brandywine Peace Community, Code Pink, Iraq Pledge of Resistance, Military FamiliesSpeak Out, 9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, Pacem in Terris, Pax Christi USA, Peace Action, The Shalom Center, Student Peace Action Network, United for Peace and Justice, Veterans For Peace (Kevin McCarron's group), Vietnam Veterans Against the War (John Kerry's anti-war alma mater), War Resisters League, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom"

Not only are they traitors; they are media whore traitors.

I wonder when our government will begin going after groups that give material aid and financial comfort to the enemy?

And that will be in the next post...

Does Code Pink really love our military?

In two days, Code Pink will be outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center with their leftist comrades, holding what they call a somber, respectful "vigil" for our wounded heroes. The only problem with that description is that it is a lie.

Take a look at the photo on the right. Does that look like a supportive sign? Only in the sick and hate-filled mind of one of Code Pink's supporters.

When a conservative journalist wrote a report on Code Pink's disgusting display at WRAMC, the DC spokesgrrrrrl for Code Pink, Gael Murphy said that those signs were not hers. She suggested that right-wing infiltrators brought and held those signs, just to make her candlelight vigils look bad.

And the only problem with that lie, is that the people who I photographed holding those signs in June and July, 2005 are still participants in the Code Pink demonstrations at WRAMC.

One of the people that Murphy inadvertantly called an infiltrator is Kevin McCarron, a leading name in another anti-America group, "Veterans for Peace" (I think Kevin fancies himself a modern-day John Kerry). McCarron has participated in many of the WRAMC protests, carrying numerous offensive signs, including one bearing the message, "Maimed for a Lie."

The first appearance of that sign was documented by me and other members of the DC Chapter of Free Republic on June 10, 2005, being held by an angry white female; but it quickly became a favorite of McCarron...

The poor man caught in this June 17, 2005 photo alongside McCarron was so disturbed by his sign that he rushed across the street as soon as the traffic signal changed. Many passers-by were equally disturbed by Code Pink's disgusting signs.

As I mentioned, Kevin McCarron still participates in the protests at the hospital, but Gael Murphy must have confiscated those two offensive signs, because we haven't seen them since August.

Most recently, Code Pink has added a song and dance man to their menagerie...

History: Code Pink (and other leftist groups) first began their obscene displays at Walter Reed in March of 2004, when they participated in a gruesome procession from Dover, Delaware (where our soldier heroes killed in action are brought first, in their final journey home) to Walter Reed (where many of our most seriously wounded heroes are brought for medical treatment).

On March 15, 2004, Code Pink, DAWN (DC Anti-War Network) and other hate-America groups gathered on Georgia Avenue outside Walter Reed with black wreaths, coffins and offensive signs, and began their homefront assault our wounded servicemen and women and their families.

And that's what I will write about in my next post.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

After being hounded for months by several friends to start a blog, I finally broke down and signed up for this thing.

Next step, write stuff. That won't be a problem. Finding time to do the writing will.