Friday, February 23, 2007

Gathering of Eagles Gains Speed - Opposition Skulks Around Press Conference

Yesterday the Gathering of Eagles held a press conference at the National Press Club. A few of the MSM showed up and paid attention. No matter though, news of the Gathering of Eagles has spread across the internet like a Santa Ana wind-powered wildfire.

The communists sponsoring the "peace" rally at the Vietnam Memorial Wall on March 17th, International ANSWER is worried enough about the Gathering of Eagles that they sent Richard Becker to skulk around the press conference.

After the press conference was over, Becker approached a CBS Radio News reporter and began reciting his party line. The reporter grew tired of listening to Becker's rantings, but not Charles Ryder of Age of Hooper blog and freelance reporter and blogger Jeff Gannon. Watch the video to see the exchange:

In the video, Becker poo-poo'd the claims that his group engages in violent and threatening behavior. Take a look at the slide show below. The photos were taken at an ANSWER sponsored "Muslim Solidarity Day" rally in Freedom Plaza in downtown Washington, DC on 5/24/2003.

At that rally, DC ANSWER leaders Mara VerHeyden-Hilliard and Brian Becker (brother of Richard) saw me quietly taking photos as the speakers droned on about the evil, Imperialist USA, and they quickly sent their thugs over to intimidate, push, shove, obstruct and threaten me with grave bodily harm.

Brian Becker called the crowd to attention and told them I was a cockroach, a spy for the government and suggested that they should do to me what they would do to a cockroach. The US Park Police had to intervene numerous times as the ANSWER thugs assaulted and threatened me.

This is the non-violence that Richard and Brian Becker and International ANSWER espouse:

More on the violence and vandalism typical at the various radical leftist "peace" groups' rallies and marches in DC...

January 27, 2007 - Armed Forces Recruiting Center, Washington, DC - Watch as windows are broken by peace rioters.

At 38 seconds into this video you will hear the window being hit and broken by a rock (brick?) thrown by peace protesters:

In this video of the same incident, you can hear the crack of the projectile breaking the window at 1:16 :

In this video report, you can see the remains of the spray-paint on the steps of the US Capitol. This act of vandalism also occurred at the "peace" protest on January 27th:

Now you see why the veterans will not stand idly by and trust the word of the spokesman for International ANSWER when he says that they don't intend to be violent or vandalize the Wall on March 17th. The veterans and other patriotic Americans will be there to protect and defend the Wall and the honor and memory of those whose names are inscribed on it. Gathering of Eagles participants will also protect and guard the other memorials in the vicinity of the peace riot on March 17th.

Capt. Larry Bailey (USN-Ret.) talks about the Gathering of Eagles:

Will you be there to help us?