Friday, June 02, 2006

Domestic Enemies: Code Pink Ratchets Up Their War Against American Soldiers With New Video

Where do I start?

On September 11, 2001, the enemies of America living within our shores got the go-ahead to begin their attack on the USA. And they wasted no time in doing so.

Within days of the terrorist attacks, groups like the Workers World Party quickly formed a wing of radicalism disguised as an "antiwar" coalition; and they held their first mass march on September 29, 2001. The remains of the World Trade Center were still smoldering, and the domestic enemies marched in our streets declaring that we (the US) got what we deserved.

The Revolutionary Communist Party formed their own front groups, Not In Our Name and World Can't Wait.

Outraged by the "Blame America First" attitude of the leftist groups, many Americans took to the streets to counterprotest these marches. Many more Americans joined in investigating the red roots of the modern day "antiwar" movement's many and varied groups.

Still more Americans sat at home and did nothing.

In defense of doing nothing I heard, "They are the fringe," "Everybody knows they are kooks," "They want attention. If we ignore them, they will go away," "Only leftists march in the streets and protest. We don't do that."

Some groups like International ANSWER have been reduced to laughingstock status, thanks to those who investigated their communist ties and fought long and hard to get that information out into the mainstream. Websites like Discover The Network are treasure troves of information on leftist groups and individuals, untangling the incestuous relationship these groups have with one another.

International ANSWER's ranks dwindled rapidly, as they were stripped of weaker supporters who were confronted by counterprotesters who educated them about the group that they were marching with.

Once International ANSWER's reputation was known, other leftist groups were just waiting in the wings to step into the forefront; it's almost like a relay race. Fidel Castro groupie, Medea Benjamin's Global Exchange formed two radical front groups, United For Peace and Justice (UFPJ), led by the communist Leslie Cagan, and Code Pink Women for Peace. As a smaller group more focused on colorful media stunts, Code Pink has been able to operate without the need for large masses of people. UFPJ became a leader in organizing "antiwar" rallies and marches, but soon they were also exposed, and infighting among the communist, socialist, marxist groups took a lot of wind out of the movement.

Conservative activists cheered as the groups' rally/march attendance dropped off significantly from one "mobilization" to the next. And the majority of regular Americans continued on with their lives.

The Mainstream Media was distraught. The mass mobilizations that they so fondly remembered from the Vietnam era were not happening. The college campuses were quiet. No charismatic antiwar leaders could be created by the media.

With no big rallies to televise, they stepped in with hand-wringing reports of dead soldiers, orphaned children, insurgents/"freedom fighters," a grieving mom in a ditch in Texas...

And then they would conduct polls. Sow doubt. Sow discord. So much like the tactics of leftwing groups.

As the media worked their magic, the radical leftwing groups were able to "pretty up" their movement. And fundraise.

The radical left has significantly downsized their demonstrations, but they have increased their "actions." Now they protest at military hospitals, bases, recruiting stations, college ROTC offices, public events, college graduation ceremonies, and administration officials' homes.

Pick. Pick. Chip. Chip.

Here we are, almost five years into the war on terror; the vast majority of Americans have continued to follow the "Ignore them and they will go away" approach to the radical left's antics. They haven't gone away. Like the cockroach, they have evolved. And they have enlisted significant supporters within the Democrat party, including but not limited to: John Murtha, Lynn Woolsey, Howard Dean, John Conyers, Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee.

Which brings me to the reason why I am writing this.

The radical leftwing group that seems to have bubbled up to prominence in the last year or so is Code Pink. They have been around for a number of years, patiently waiting for their turn. And they are arguably the most dangerous. As a women's "antiwar" group, they disarm the general public with their hot pink attire and feminine message of peace and love for all the world's children. Fuschia feather boas, pink parasols, slips and hot pink pedal-pushers all disguise the hatred of America's system of government and Americans' moral foundations.

In 2003, only weeks before our military began the war in Iraq, the "peaceful ladies" of Code Pink visited Baghdad as guests of Saddam's government, propagandizing for the continuation of his regime, as this only recently released video shows. (release date: May 30, 2006)

In December of 2004, while our Marines were fighting and dying in Fallujah, Code Pink donated at least $650,000 to the insurgents there. They say they support the troops, but they fund the insurgents.

Shortly after the US offensive in Fallujah, Code Pink hired an Iraqi filmmaker and a team of propagandists disguised as journalists to go into Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq, and they made this propagand video, another recent release (May 24, 2006). Again Code Pink portrays American soldiers as baby-killers, President Bush as the real terrorist and Zarqawi as benevolent myth.

Code Pink stands outside Walter Reed every Friday night saying they support the troops, but they produce videos that call them terrorists and babykillers.

Earlier this year they brought in a group of "Iraqi" women, some of whom don't even live in Iraq, to travel across the USA speaking out against the "US occupation" of Iraq. One of the women, former Iraqi Baathist government employee Eman Ahmed Khammas, told stories to captivated audiences of gullible leftists about American soldiers torturing all Iraqi prisoners, wantonly murdering women and children, and destroying schools, hospitals, homes and mosques.

They say they support the troops, but they call them murderers. And they import former Saddam loyalists to do the same.

Code Pink's coffers are being stocked by someone, enabling them to afford these elaborate propaganda events, around the world travel and video productions.


Code Pink's Fallujah video is long (almost 30 minutes), but should be watched by everyone who thinks we should just ignore them. Listen to what they say in their videos. Pay attention, dammit!

They have ratcheted up their war on the USA. They are trying to turn this into another Vietnam. And this time, should we "lose", the stakes are much higher.

We cannot ignore them and hope they go away.

They have money, a sympathetic media and numerous Democrat/liberal/leftist politicians at their service.

Just as our soldiers are continuing their fight, signing up for third and fourth tours in Iraq, so should all of us who support them re-double our efforts this summer on the homefront.