Friday, February 02, 2007

Did "Peace" Marchers Really Spit at Josh Sparling?

You bet they did, and they did worse - to all the wounded soldiers and veterans who stood with him last Saturday.

A fairly small group of people who support our country, our president and our troops in the global war on terrorists, stood together along the Moonbat march route where we exercised our own First Amendment rights. We offered a critique of the marchers' signs, their heroes and their political beliefs, none of which went over too well with the "peace and diversity" crowd.

The wounded soldiers and the Iraq war vets who joined us along the fenceline were spat at, called killers, dummies, stupid motherfuckers, idiots, tools, racists (though they never once spoke a racial epithet) and murderers.

One particularly charming fellow from the "peace" crew walked along the sidewalk through our small group, rather than walk on the street in the official march route, and he began his verbal barrage against Cpl. Joshua Sparling. Sparling argued back with the man, using facts rather than name-calling, but the man just got madder and madder, and said something about fighting, but not with a man in a wheelchair. Sparling asked for his crutches and stood up to talk with the guy.

The man then started calling us all "crackers" and racists. Sparling said that he had nothing to do with slavery and that if it had not been for soldiers fighting wars, he'd still be a slave. The man was not in the mood for facts, so he continued hurling insults and poking his finger at Sparling. Sparling said that if it weren't for soldiers he wouldn't be here (on the sidewalk), and the angry man said yes, he would, "with a gun!"

At that point, the police stepped in and told the man to go away.

I'm shocked (not really) at the violence inherent in the peace community.

Later, as the march continued, the wounded soldiers stood along the inner fencing and used their strong voices and bullhorns to talk with the marchers. Most marchers flashed the peace sign, some flashed the single-digit salute signifying their IQs, but others stopped along the outer fence to argue, or to curse.

The ones who seemed rational would carry on a conversation, of sorts; and the soldiers and veterans made very good arguments. Though we can't be sure that anyone they talked to was persuaded to change their positions, at least they stopped long enough to think about what was being said to them.

For other marchers who were smart-asses, or who shouted curses and accusations, we heckled them without mercy.

I took almost two hours of video which I whittled down to less than thirty minutes. I mean, how many minutes of "Peace. Now!" "Stop the war. Impeach Bush!" "9-11 was an inside job!" and "Free, Free Palestine!" can anyone stomach?

Here's the videos, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, in that order. Some lighter moments, some harsh and ugly stuff, and some stuff screaming out for Prozac:

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crybabies and Whiners Object to Jane Fonda Effigy

Lefties all over are howling and wringing their hands over this bit of "street theater" from the American Sector last Saturday:

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Poor babies. They say that this is mean-spirited, that it is "violent."

I wonder why they aren't equally outraged by these photos:

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That's an effigy of a cowboy-booted and G-string clad President GW Bush, as seen at the "peace" rally in Washington, DC last Saturday. How about this one:

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That photo was also taken at the "peace" rally, by blogger Tantor.

Again, no cries of "That's mean!" from the radical America-haters for their comrades' signage.

Here's one other particularly peaceful photo of a lefty sign, from another of their "peace" protests last year:

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Take the plank out of your own eyes, then come talk to us.

A final word by Mike Benge, former POW in North Vietnam:

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Radical Left Shows Their Love of the Troops - By Spitting on Them, Threatening To Pull Guns on Them, Calling Them Killers...

In my neck of the woods, we call that kind of support "enemy action."

And while many news stories report on the Spitting Incident where a peace rioter spit at wounded Iraq vet, Cpl. Joshua Sparling, not a one reported on the other incidents that I witnessed during our counter protest on Saturday, January 27, 2007.

The peace rioters, who say they support the troops but not the war, called the dozen or so wounded soldiers in our group killers, fools, nobodies, assholes. They screamed at the men to "Enlist!" When the guys said they were in or had gone to Iraq, the darling little lefties shouted at them to "Go back!"

We just can't make the radical left happy.

If I do this correctly, you will see an embedded YouTube video box. This is just some of the nearly two hours of video I shot that day. On this installment (Part 1 of two parts), you will see an angry man accuse Joshua Sparling of being a dummy and a killer. As the man got angrier, he began to wave his hands around and jab his finger in the air at Josh as he hurled his hate-filled accusations. When Josh started poking his own finger in the air, angry man went nutso! He made some insane racial accusations at Joshua and all the other white people in the area, and said if they weren't there (to back up Joshua, I guess) angry man would have been "there with a gun" to deal with Josh.

So while the media reported on spitting, many of the radical leftist bloggers and websites are trying to discredit that story by calling Joshua a liar. Spitting at Joshua was the mildest thing they did to the soldiers last Saturday. I guess a video camera was a good investment. The proof of the radicals' hatred of America, Americans, and especially American soldiers is in the video:

Part 2 will be up soon. Stay tuned...