Friday, February 02, 2007

Did "Peace" Marchers Really Spit at Josh Sparling?

You bet they did, and they did worse - to all the wounded soldiers and veterans who stood with him last Saturday.

A fairly small group of people who support our country, our president and our troops in the global war on terrorists, stood together along the Moonbat march route where we exercised our own First Amendment rights. We offered a critique of the marchers' signs, their heroes and their political beliefs, none of which went over too well with the "peace and diversity" crowd.

The wounded soldiers and the Iraq war vets who joined us along the fenceline were spat at, called killers, dummies, stupid motherfuckers, idiots, tools, racists (though they never once spoke a racial epithet) and murderers.

One particularly charming fellow from the "peace" crew walked along the sidewalk through our small group, rather than walk on the street in the official march route, and he began his verbal barrage against Cpl. Joshua Sparling. Sparling argued back with the man, using facts rather than name-calling, but the man just got madder and madder, and said something about fighting, but not with a man in a wheelchair. Sparling asked for his crutches and stood up to talk with the guy.

The man then started calling us all "crackers" and racists. Sparling said that he had nothing to do with slavery and that if it had not been for soldiers fighting wars, he'd still be a slave. The man was not in the mood for facts, so he continued hurling insults and poking his finger at Sparling. Sparling said that if it weren't for soldiers he wouldn't be here (on the sidewalk), and the angry man said yes, he would, "with a gun!"

At that point, the police stepped in and told the man to go away.

I'm shocked (not really) at the violence inherent in the peace community.

Later, as the march continued, the wounded soldiers stood along the inner fencing and used their strong voices and bullhorns to talk with the marchers. Most marchers flashed the peace sign, some flashed the single-digit salute signifying their IQs, but others stopped along the outer fence to argue, or to curse.

The ones who seemed rational would carry on a conversation, of sorts; and the soldiers and veterans made very good arguments. Though we can't be sure that anyone they talked to was persuaded to change their positions, at least they stopped long enough to think about what was being said to them.

For other marchers who were smart-asses, or who shouted curses and accusations, we heckled them without mercy.

I took almost two hours of video which I whittled down to less than thirty minutes. I mean, how many minutes of "Peace. Now!" "Stop the war. Impeach Bush!" "9-11 was an inside job!" and "Free, Free Palestine!" can anyone stomach?

Here's the videos, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, in that order. Some lighter moments, some harsh and ugly stuff, and some stuff screaming out for Prozac: