Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Radical Left Shows Their Love of the Troops - By Spitting on Them, Threatening To Pull Guns on Them, Calling Them Killers...

In my neck of the woods, we call that kind of support "enemy action."

And while many news stories report on the Spitting Incident where a peace rioter spit at wounded Iraq vet, Cpl. Joshua Sparling, not a one reported on the other incidents that I witnessed during our counter protest on Saturday, January 27, 2007.

The peace rioters, who say they support the troops but not the war, called the dozen or so wounded soldiers in our group killers, fools, nobodies, assholes. They screamed at the men to "Enlist!" When the guys said they were in or had gone to Iraq, the darling little lefties shouted at them to "Go back!"

We just can't make the radical left happy.

If I do this correctly, you will see an embedded YouTube video box. This is just some of the nearly two hours of video I shot that day. On this installment (Part 1 of two parts), you will see an angry man accuse Joshua Sparling of being a dummy and a killer. As the man got angrier, he began to wave his hands around and jab his finger in the air at Josh as he hurled his hate-filled accusations. When Josh started poking his own finger in the air, angry man went nutso! He made some insane racial accusations at Joshua and all the other white people in the area, and said if they weren't there (to back up Joshua, I guess) angry man would have been "there with a gun" to deal with Josh.

So while the media reported on spitting, many of the radical leftist bloggers and websites are trying to discredit that story by calling Joshua a liar. Spitting at Joshua was the mildest thing they did to the soldiers last Saturday. I guess a video camera was a good investment. The proof of the radicals' hatred of America, Americans, and especially American soldiers is in the video:

Part 2 will be up soon. Stay tuned...