Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What If They Gave An Anti-War Protest And Nobody Came ?

Like a bad penny, Leftist Moonbats just keep turning up in the DC area. On Monday, we in DC had the misfortune of "hosting" the circus acts of Cindy Sheehan and Michael Berg, as they used the deaths of their adult children to blame America for all that is wrong in the world.

Michelle Malkin has posted her report, including photos and video (see below) that she and Bryan Preston of Junkyard Blog filmed of the Moonbats as they marched from the Lincoln Memorial to the Pentagon.

Kudos to Michelle and Bryan for filming this interview, and thank you for asking Cindy why she still hasn't put a marker on her son's grave, nearly two years after Casey died.

Nobody tried to levitate the Pentagon during this incarnation of Pentagon Anti-War Protests. There weren't enough folks in their crowd to chant, "Ommmmmm" to levitate even a single one of their Starbucks coffee cups.

Andi, of Andi's World also has a report on the Moonbats' childish antics at the Pentagon, including photos of Berg and others climbing over and slithering under the security fencing that Pentagon Police had put up. Of course the Pentagon Police promptly arrested the spoiled brats.

As long as we're still on the subject of Moonbats, Here's another video tribute to Mama Moonbat, Cindy Sheehan; courtesy of Sparks From The Anvil...