Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Fasting" Must Affect The Brains Of Commie Code Pinkos Medea Benjamin And Gael Murphy - They Thought They Could Convert Us to Marxism!

(July 7, 2006 - Washington, DC) It's only been 64 weeks, but it must seem like an eternity for the America-hating traitors of Code Pink. When they started the Walter Reed Project on March 30, 2005, they expected to be able to win the hearts and minds of Americans worried about the progress of war in Iraq.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center is often the first stop on American soil for our troops who have been grievously wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. And this is often the first place where their families are able to see their loved one after receiving the news that they were injured. Families are understandably distraught, not knowing what they will find when they are reunited with their loved ones at their bedside. They have to make travel arrangements, find a local place to stay, and find their way into Washington, DC to get to the hospital.

Imagine yourself in their place... you arrive at the main gate at Walter Reed and you see this:
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"Enlist Here to die for Halliburton"

Or this:

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"Maimed for a lie"

That is what greeted soldiers and family members at the gates of Walter Reed on Friday nights last year.

Not anymore. The Code Pinkos are waaaay down the block with their dirty little protest. We can still smell them, but our wounded warriors and their families would have to look hard to find them or their bogus signs.

Now on Friday nights the families see only positive messages of appreciation, love and support at the four corners of the WRAMC main gate.

But our rights to show our support must really bug the commie Code Pink group. This past Friday, two of their "leaders" walked up from their protest site to cause trouble.

Oh, they would tell you that they just wanted to dialogue with us, that they only sought to try and find common ground, to prove that they had warm blood running through their veins.

They are liars.

A group whose leaders went on a Anti-America propaganda tour to Baghdad (as guests of Saddam) only six weeks before the war began can never be trusted or believed.

A group whose leaders traveled to Venezuela (as guests of dictator Hugo Cahvez) to join in Anti-America demonstrations and conferences there, can never be trusted or believed.

A group whose leaders stood on the Iraq/Jordan border in November 2004 and delivered more than $650,000 to (Medea Benjamin's own words) "the other side" in Fallujah, while our Marines were fighting "the other side" there can never be trusted or believed.

A group whose leaders brought supporters of the (now deposed) Baathist regime to this country for a propaganda tour, to tell lies about American soldiers, the war and our government, can never be trusted or believed.

A group whose leaders had planned an (illegal) propaganda trip to Cuba, to meet with Castro and other members of that regime can never be trusted or believed. That trip was canceled after the US State Department contacted the group and warned them traveling illegally to Cuba.

So, they came up to engage us, and the verbal bloodbath that ensued is on this video...

When will they ever learn?

Americans hate traitors.

And Americans really hate traitors who wage bloodthirsty psychological warfare against our wounded warriors and their families.

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If you are in the DC area on a Friday night, come join us, and you will see for yourself what good can be done by simply standing on a streetcorner and saying, "Thank You. We love you," to our wounded warriors and their families.

It's the very least we can do for those who have sacrificed so much for us.

We are there every Friday evening, from 6:30pm until around 10:00pm.

On all four corners of the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Elder Streets, NW.