Friday, December 29, 2006

Ding-Dong, The Bastard's Dead !!

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And now the Iraqi people are truly free from their own Hitler!

God Bless the US military, for freeing them.

And God Bless the Iraqi people as they move forward in their journey of freedom and democracy.

You better watch your step, Ahmadinejad. We have our eyes on you next.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Islamofascists Hate This Blog

So, the Halliburton Keystroke Tracking Software that I have been Beta-testing is working just gnarly.

It appears that Communists and Islamofascists from all over the world have been coming to the blog from a Google link to this image...

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Croatia, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Venezuela, Minnesota (haha), Washington, DC (hello my GPO stalker - wink, wink)... all but the stalker have come to my blog from a Google Image search.

Gee. I wonder if they are offended?

Well, I don't belong to any Apologist Clubs.

I do belong to the NRA, though.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bush Derangement Syndrome - Takoma Park Style

Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) - From Wikipedia: The term "Bush Derangement Syndrome" is usually applied as a derogatory term within the Blogosphere to imply that an opponent cannot be reasoned with or that complaints lack substance aside from anti-Bush hatred, due to the illogical connection to the charge.

It can only be a derogatory term, because the people suffering from this condition are bathed in hatred and incapable of rational thought.

Case in Point:

Last night, October 17, 2006, Takoma Park, MD campus of Montgomery College. I arrived at the campus in the early evening to attend a seminar related to my profession. I purposely parked my pretty-good-gas-mileage SUV back in to the parking space, because I have multiple conservative-type bumperstickers on the tailgate. I figured most people would walk through the wide and open parking lot rather than along the narrow sidewalk at the edge of the building where parked cars crowded the narrow space - for personal safety reasons if nothing else.

Anyway, I went inside and met old friends and colleagues as we settled in to learn about the latest technology in our field of study. It was an enjoyable and informative evening.

As I walked across the parking lot when the seminar ended, I saw something on my windshield, tucked under the wiper...

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"Anti-American stickers?" What was this person talking about?

I went around to the back of my truck, to see if some errant lefty had stuck anti-American stickers on it without my knowledge...

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Nope. All was well with my mobile conservative billboard. My "Semper Fi" and US Navy stickers were intact, as was my "9-11" pentagon shaped sticker. My "Gitmo" and NRA Life Member stickers were also untouched.

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What then, did this anonymous messenger mean, that I should feel shame for so-called anti-American stickers?

What is anti-American about wanting our country's borders secured and Americans' rights upheld?

Free Image Hosting at

Bush Derangement Syndrome has now reached pandemic proportions within the borders of the Democratic People's Republic of Takoma Park, MD.

How else could any person in their right mind come to the conclusion that these stickers are anti-American?

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Maybe the anonymous note writer is an elitist football fan who thinks Alabama is a foreign country?

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To borrow from Tide fans...

Hey Lefties!
Hey Lefties!
Hey Lefties!

We're gonna beat the Hell Outta you!
(figuratively speaking, of course)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Army Strong

The Army's new campaign slogan.

It's gonna piss off the hand-wringing, America-hating leftists in America.

Ain't that a shame?


When Will Harry Reid (D) Resign Over This Land Deal?

WASHINGTON (AP)- Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.

Associated Press reported this yesterday.

It's been crickets from the MSM on the story.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It Couldn't Have Happened To A Nicer Couple

Go read about Chuck and Carren's simple, little trip to Vegas.

And be prepared to break into a great, big smile.

Thank you, Wayne, for all you do!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Fasting" Must Affect The Brains Of Commie Code Pinkos Medea Benjamin And Gael Murphy - They Thought They Could Convert Us to Marxism!

(July 7, 2006 - Washington, DC) It's only been 64 weeks, but it must seem like an eternity for the America-hating traitors of Code Pink. When they started the Walter Reed Project on March 30, 2005, they expected to be able to win the hearts and minds of Americans worried about the progress of war in Iraq.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center is often the first stop on American soil for our troops who have been grievously wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. And this is often the first place where their families are able to see their loved one after receiving the news that they were injured. Families are understandably distraught, not knowing what they will find when they are reunited with their loved ones at their bedside. They have to make travel arrangements, find a local place to stay, and find their way into Washington, DC to get to the hospital.

Imagine yourself in their place... you arrive at the main gate at Walter Reed and you see this:
(Click on thumbnails for full-size images)

Image hosted by
"Enlist Here to die for Halliburton"

Or this:

Image hosted by

"Maimed for a lie"

That is what greeted soldiers and family members at the gates of Walter Reed on Friday nights last year.

Not anymore. The Code Pinkos are waaaay down the block with their dirty little protest. We can still smell them, but our wounded warriors and their families would have to look hard to find them or their bogus signs.

Now on Friday nights the families see only positive messages of appreciation, love and support at the four corners of the WRAMC main gate.

But our rights to show our support must really bug the commie Code Pink group. This past Friday, two of their "leaders" walked up from their protest site to cause trouble.

Oh, they would tell you that they just wanted to dialogue with us, that they only sought to try and find common ground, to prove that they had warm blood running through their veins.

They are liars.

A group whose leaders went on a Anti-America propaganda tour to Baghdad (as guests of Saddam) only six weeks before the war began can never be trusted or believed.

A group whose leaders traveled to Venezuela (as guests of dictator Hugo Cahvez) to join in Anti-America demonstrations and conferences there, can never be trusted or believed.

A group whose leaders stood on the Iraq/Jordan border in November 2004 and delivered more than $650,000 to (Medea Benjamin's own words) "the other side" in Fallujah, while our Marines were fighting "the other side" there can never be trusted or believed.

A group whose leaders brought supporters of the (now deposed) Baathist regime to this country for a propaganda tour, to tell lies about American soldiers, the war and our government, can never be trusted or believed.

A group whose leaders had planned an (illegal) propaganda trip to Cuba, to meet with Castro and other members of that regime can never be trusted or believed. That trip was canceled after the US State Department contacted the group and warned them traveling illegally to Cuba.

So, they came up to engage us, and the verbal bloodbath that ensued is on this video...

When will they ever learn?

Americans hate traitors.

And Americans really hate traitors who wage bloodthirsty psychological warfare against our wounded warriors and their families.

For the "Official" Free Republic After Action Report of this week's Freep, MASH HERE

For more reports on the WRAMC Freeps, check these links:

Semper Gratus

Tom the Redhunter

Landry's Life

BufordP's List of all of Free Republic's WRAMC Freep Reports

If you are in the DC area on a Friday night, come join us, and you will see for yourself what good can be done by simply standing on a streetcorner and saying, "Thank You. We love you," to our wounded warriors and their families.

It's the very least we can do for those who have sacrificed so much for us.

We are there every Friday evening, from 6:30pm until around 10:00pm.

On all four corners of the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Elder Streets, NW.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Freeper Video Report: Code Pink Cheers 2500 Deaths In Iraq With Coffin March To White House 6/14/06

I have uploaded the video I made of this event. If I did it right, you should be able to view it in the window above. If not, you can view it HERE. It's twenty minutes long. Here's a written recap of the events...

I got word (from an anonymous source) a week ago that Code Pink was going to have another Moonbat parade in DC on Flag Day (June 14th for those of you in Rio Linda), to celebrate the 2500th US military death in Iraq. It didn't matter to Gael Murphy when she announced the parade that the death toll might not be at 2500; she must have been really bummed by Zarqawi's untimely demise on June 7th (HOOAH! and AirPower!) and needed to do something to lift her out of the funk she was in. And a blood dance was just the ticket, apparently.

I contacted a few DC Chapter members off-forum to let them know I was probably going to be there with my cameras to capture the essence of the Moonbat Movement. Freepers who couldn't be there warned me not to go alone because of Gael Murphy, Allison Yorra and Medea Benjamin's past history of physically assaulting me. I did consider the risks, but figured I'd probably be OK because the area in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is swarming with LEOs from multiple agencies; and the Three Code PinkO Stooges are already in enough hot water with those agencies to risk another arrest with any of them.

As luck would have it, my Freeper Friends didn't have to worry about me, as BillF went with me as my bodyguard. Thank you, BillF.

Code Pink's plan was for their marchers to meet up at the Washington Hilton at 2:30pm; there they hoped to catch unsuspecting (gullible) DemoRats leaving the "Take Back America" conference's final speech given by Barack Obama ('Rat-IL), and convince them to join in their downhill march to the White House.

Washington, DC has a population of nearly six hundred thousand people, with probably ninety percent or greater identifying with the 'Rat party. And the "Take Back America" conference probably had a few hundred of the hardest-core lefties in the country in attendance.

But as it turned out, all Code PinkO could muster for their blood march was 80 people (I took a head count as I played back my video from the day), give or take a half-dozen. But I'm jumping ahead...

BillF and I arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at a little before 4pm, and we strategerized for a few minutes before checking in with a couple of local LEOs. At around 4pm, we heard the distant sound of drywall mud buckets being pounded on, and we knew Code PinkOs were near...

BillF and I spent our time walking amongst the Code Pink revelers, taking in the ambience, listening to their muttering and photographing the attendees and speakers.

Code Pink had managed to get 16 cardboard coffins (draped with American flags), a couple of leftover Vietnam era vets/protesters and Ray McGovern as their keynote speaker. This was going to be a tough 75 minutes for us in our role as independent media .

I shot video and BillF took still shots. It really was a pretty trashy spectacle, with Ray McGovern talking about how four years and some-odd-months-ago we (the USA) went to war because we wanted oil. No, I didn't mis-type the number. McGovern apparently believes we went to war in Afghanistan for oil and not because Osama bin Laden's Islamist followers attacked America on September 11, 2001. McGovern tried his hand at philosophy, quoting Kipling and fake-praying for the Gitmo suicides, the Iraqis who have been killed (how many by Code PinkO funded insurgents?), and our soldiers (again, how many by Code PinkO funded insurgents?). The only people who listened to him were those participating in the demonstration. Tourists and people walking past on their way home from work didn't pay them much attention at all.

After McGovern gave up the microphone, Local PinkO Ann Wilcox made a few hypocritical comments and then introduced a member of Veterans for Peace, Mike Harrington. Mike mentioned that he was a Vietnam era veteran who wasn't a combat vet; but he neglected to tell the audience that he was a co-founder of SDS and Democratic Socialists of America (info credit: Go figure.

The next speaker up was a guy named Bruce, who never gave us his last name. Bruce was trying to get folks to join him in a road trip to Buffalo, NY where he planned to cross the "Peace Bridge" into Canada, and offer aid and solidarity to the "war resisters" who have fled the USA to avoid military service. I am not joking!

Apparently the US government has instituted a secret draft and are rounding up young men to force them into the military, I guess to fight this mythical "War For Oil." In their socialism-addled minds, anyway.

After Bruce finished rapping with the dwindling crowd, it was time for Code PinkO spokesbabes to take the mike. Gael Murphy was off somewhere (probably hiding in the shrubbery, embarrassed by the small turnout) and Allison Yorra was off schmoozing the still photogs from Getty Images, Reuters and other dinosaur media, so Ann Wilcox had to give the mike to Sammie Joi. Sammie is a sad sight, actually. She looks to be a former flower child who never quite grew up to find a contributory place in modern society. Then Allison Yorra made her pitch for the very "dangerous" and risky action that Code Pink is pushing this month. They are going to have a "fast" for peace, and are kicking off this media stunt on July 3rd, in Lafayette Park.

After the speechifying was over, folks milled about for a while, and then they staged a die-in of sorts. Sixteen people lay down alongside the cardboard coffins they had lined up along Pennsylvania Avenue, much to the delight of the MSM photogs whose cameras whirred away. Allison Yorra lay on the street, with her left hand clawing the cardboard coffin beside her. Weird.

In addition to the die-in, a man stood on a step stool wearing a skull mask and holding an upside-down paper flag and a small sign. He didn't really explain his street theater, so I was left to imagine that he was depicting the last earthly remains of his hero Zarqawi, as Zarqawi wondered how many Iraqi children he killed today.

Maybe a hundred feet away stood three people wearing ill-fitting orange jumpsuits. The suits weren't too big, they were very snug. One gal wearing a jumpsuit couldn't even button the thing. Maybe she ought to try the Gitmo diet plan. The Gitmo folks were kind of sad looking. At first they were kneeling, but the pavement apparently hurt their knees, so they stood up. One of the guys left early because his knees hurt from kneeling. Interesting.

All the while that this was going on, individual tourists and large tourist groups walked past them on their way to the White House fence, where they took photos, had photos taken and made small talk. Most people didn't even look in the direction of the demonstration.

An angry "preacher" spoke for ten or so minutes, not saying anything much different or more inspiring than the other speakers that preceded him; but he said it loudly and with an angry edge. One tourist yelled at him to shut up. The "preacher" told a crowd of school kids who were watching the spectacle, that they were witnessing a courageous act... What a jerk. Courage is our young men and women standing in harm's way in foreign countries, protecting his right to be a jerk in front of the White House.

After the folks had been laying on the street for about twenty minutes, their choreographer (a post-menopausal white male) walked down the line of sixteen die-inners, and instructed them to put their "Right hand up. Peace sign. Right hand up, peace sign..." On cue, the three MSM photogs rushed to one end of the coffin line to take their photos. Amazing to watch. Almost as well choreographed as the Ice Capades.

When the choreographer called it a wrap, he asked the demonstrators to help take apart the cardboard props, being sure not to let the flags touch the ground. They have become more media savvy than they were during Vietnam.

As Allison Yorra let go of the coffin prop and stood up, the three MSM photogs crowded around her. "Chip" from Getty images asked her a few questions. I had to stifle a laugh when he asked her if she had a kid in the military. She looked that old to him.

As the cardboard coffin props were dismantled, the flags were haphazardly folded and dropped into a pile on a flattened coffin laying on the ground. Allison Yorra walked up to the pile of flags and began stirring through them. I don't know what she was doing, but when she was done, the flags looked like a pile of rags. Great work, Allison.

Gael Murphy passed by me as she was folding up a banner, and she asked me if I had gotten into any more trouble. The only trouble I ever seem to have is when she and Medea and Allison physically assault me as I film their protests and tell them that they're flops. Code Pink has made a name for themselves by disrupting conferences, speeches, conventions, hearings and meetings; but when one woman with a home video camera yells at them and calls them failures, they resort to hitting, shoving, and encouraging their less stable followers to stalk me. Women for peace, my arse!

As the dozen Code Pink bitter-enders gathered their props to leave, there was a small commotion on the sidewalk in front of the White House. A guy whose tinfoil underwear was apparently chafing him marched along the sidewalk ranting about there being no such thing as nuclear weapons, our soldiers were dying for something that didn't exist, and he ended it with a full-throated roar of, "Revolution NOW!"

Another Moonbat flashback ended as expected.

They all went home emptyhanded.

No revolution today.

And George W. Bush is still president.

God Bless our brave men and women in the military who preserve these idiots' right to be idiots.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi is Dead !!

Zarqawi has joined some friends in Hell...

Free Image Hosting at
(credit to Freeper "dead" for this fine artwork)

On waking up this morning to the news that their hero, terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Palestinian who previous to his Jihad in Iraq, lived in Jordan. the leftists in America were stunned.

Here are some wire service photos, showing some noteworthy Moonbats's reaction to the news...

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi pouts
Free Image Hosting at

Congressman John Murtha mourns
Free Image Hosting at

The entire John Kerry family is in deep despair
Free Image Hosting at

Overrated actor George Clooney is very gloomy
Free Image Hosting at

DNC Chairman Howard Dean is feeling hopeless
Free Image Hosting at

Defeated Senator Tom Daschle is feeling even more defeated
Free Image Hosting at

On hearing the news that her favorite "freedom fighter" is dead, Cindy Sheehan sobs (her brave son, on the other hand, no doubt rejoices in heaven that little Iraqi children and their moms no longer have to fear being blown to smithereens or a beheading at the hands of Zarqawi)
Free Image Hosting at

Senator Barbara Boxer is blue
Free Image Hosting at

Leftist Moonbats everywhere are even more deranged than usual
Free Image Hosting at
(credit to Freeper "Reagan_fanatic" for this photo)

Meanwhile in Washington, DC, Code Pink's ladies respond to the news that their favorite barbarian is now a Cold Pink carcass...

Allison Yorra - "All our donations to the insurgents, up in a bloody pink mist! It's all Bush's fault!"
Free Image Hosting at

Gael Murphy - "Now who will be willing to make propaganda films with me?! It's all Bush's fault!"
Free Image Hosting at

Medea Benjamin - "Hmmmmm, Saddam's in jail. Zarqawi is as dead as my Cold Pink soul. Now I won't have to send any more of our money to Zarqawi. It's time for me to go shopping... Thank you President Bush!!"
Free Image Hosting at

And, for all those Moonbats who check out my site regularly (Hi, Malachy!) and who may be offended at my "mean-spirited" commentary - this last photo is for you...

Free Image Hosting at

USMC Gunnery Sgt. Michael Burghardt.
This picture is worth ten-thousand words; and it says it all.

God Bless our military!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Eman Khamas - Baathist Apologist

Eman Khamas - aka Eman Ahmed Khammas, Eman Ahmed Khamas, Eman Ahmad Khammas, Eman Ahmad Khamas - is a woman I have written about previously. Right now I am just going back and saving for posterity the document which Khamas and Code Pink are no doubt gnashing their teeth about.

As of today, the website which posted this 2004 interview with Khamas still has the interview on its website; and for that I have to give them credit. I imagine that Medea Benjamin, Khamas and other lefties have pressured them to remove the interview, because it discredits Khamas' new claim to be a woman of peace who says that she never worked for Saddam.

I guess she forgot that she gave this interview, in which she said "Under Saddam Hussein I had a good job with the General Federation of Iraqi Women. Even though it was a facade for the Baathist Party it was a good place for women to work and it did many good things for Iraqi women."

Yeah, like when its representatives stood by and watched as Uday Hussein's death squads rounded up women and slashed them to death with swords and left their beheaded bodies on their families' doorsteps.

Eman is a Baathist, a Saddam apologist; and she is now working in America with Medea Benjamin and Code Pink.

I printed the article and scanned it here. Though the type comes out small when you click on the thumbnails, it is readable - should in the future MotherSpeak succumb to pressure to remove the article from their website.

Image hosted by <> Image hosted by <> Image hosted by

Friday, June 02, 2006

Domestic Enemies: Code Pink Ratchets Up Their War Against American Soldiers With New Video

Where do I start?

On September 11, 2001, the enemies of America living within our shores got the go-ahead to begin their attack on the USA. And they wasted no time in doing so.

Within days of the terrorist attacks, groups like the Workers World Party quickly formed a wing of radicalism disguised as an "antiwar" coalition; and they held their first mass march on September 29, 2001. The remains of the World Trade Center were still smoldering, and the domestic enemies marched in our streets declaring that we (the US) got what we deserved.

The Revolutionary Communist Party formed their own front groups, Not In Our Name and World Can't Wait.

Outraged by the "Blame America First" attitude of the leftist groups, many Americans took to the streets to counterprotest these marches. Many more Americans joined in investigating the red roots of the modern day "antiwar" movement's many and varied groups.

Still more Americans sat at home and did nothing.

In defense of doing nothing I heard, "They are the fringe," "Everybody knows they are kooks," "They want attention. If we ignore them, they will go away," "Only leftists march in the streets and protest. We don't do that."

Some groups like International ANSWER have been reduced to laughingstock status, thanks to those who investigated their communist ties and fought long and hard to get that information out into the mainstream. Websites like Discover The Network are treasure troves of information on leftist groups and individuals, untangling the incestuous relationship these groups have with one another.

International ANSWER's ranks dwindled rapidly, as they were stripped of weaker supporters who were confronted by counterprotesters who educated them about the group that they were marching with.

Once International ANSWER's reputation was known, other leftist groups were just waiting in the wings to step into the forefront; it's almost like a relay race. Fidel Castro groupie, Medea Benjamin's Global Exchange formed two radical front groups, United For Peace and Justice (UFPJ), led by the communist Leslie Cagan, and Code Pink Women for Peace. As a smaller group more focused on colorful media stunts, Code Pink has been able to operate without the need for large masses of people. UFPJ became a leader in organizing "antiwar" rallies and marches, but soon they were also exposed, and infighting among the communist, socialist, marxist groups took a lot of wind out of the movement.

Conservative activists cheered as the groups' rally/march attendance dropped off significantly from one "mobilization" to the next. And the majority of regular Americans continued on with their lives.

The Mainstream Media was distraught. The mass mobilizations that they so fondly remembered from the Vietnam era were not happening. The college campuses were quiet. No charismatic antiwar leaders could be created by the media.

With no big rallies to televise, they stepped in with hand-wringing reports of dead soldiers, orphaned children, insurgents/"freedom fighters," a grieving mom in a ditch in Texas...

And then they would conduct polls. Sow doubt. Sow discord. So much like the tactics of leftwing groups.

As the media worked their magic, the radical leftwing groups were able to "pretty up" their movement. And fundraise.

The radical left has significantly downsized their demonstrations, but they have increased their "actions." Now they protest at military hospitals, bases, recruiting stations, college ROTC offices, public events, college graduation ceremonies, and administration officials' homes.

Pick. Pick. Chip. Chip.

Here we are, almost five years into the war on terror; the vast majority of Americans have continued to follow the "Ignore them and they will go away" approach to the radical left's antics. They haven't gone away. Like the cockroach, they have evolved. And they have enlisted significant supporters within the Democrat party, including but not limited to: John Murtha, Lynn Woolsey, Howard Dean, John Conyers, Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee.

Which brings me to the reason why I am writing this.

The radical leftwing group that seems to have bubbled up to prominence in the last year or so is Code Pink. They have been around for a number of years, patiently waiting for their turn. And they are arguably the most dangerous. As a women's "antiwar" group, they disarm the general public with their hot pink attire and feminine message of peace and love for all the world's children. Fuschia feather boas, pink parasols, slips and hot pink pedal-pushers all disguise the hatred of America's system of government and Americans' moral foundations.

In 2003, only weeks before our military began the war in Iraq, the "peaceful ladies" of Code Pink visited Baghdad as guests of Saddam's government, propagandizing for the continuation of his regime, as this only recently released video shows. (release date: May 30, 2006)

In December of 2004, while our Marines were fighting and dying in Fallujah, Code Pink donated at least $650,000 to the insurgents there. They say they support the troops, but they fund the insurgents.

Shortly after the US offensive in Fallujah, Code Pink hired an Iraqi filmmaker and a team of propagandists disguised as journalists to go into Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq, and they made this propagand video, another recent release (May 24, 2006). Again Code Pink portrays American soldiers as baby-killers, President Bush as the real terrorist and Zarqawi as benevolent myth.

Code Pink stands outside Walter Reed every Friday night saying they support the troops, but they produce videos that call them terrorists and babykillers.

Earlier this year they brought in a group of "Iraqi" women, some of whom don't even live in Iraq, to travel across the USA speaking out against the "US occupation" of Iraq. One of the women, former Iraqi Baathist government employee Eman Ahmed Khammas, told stories to captivated audiences of gullible leftists about American soldiers torturing all Iraqi prisoners, wantonly murdering women and children, and destroying schools, hospitals, homes and mosques.

They say they support the troops, but they call them murderers. And they import former Saddam loyalists to do the same.

Code Pink's coffers are being stocked by someone, enabling them to afford these elaborate propaganda events, around the world travel and video productions.


Code Pink's Fallujah video is long (almost 30 minutes), but should be watched by everyone who thinks we should just ignore them. Listen to what they say in their videos. Pay attention, dammit!

They have ratcheted up their war on the USA. They are trying to turn this into another Vietnam. And this time, should we "lose", the stakes are much higher.

We cannot ignore them and hope they go away.

They have money, a sympathetic media and numerous Democrat/liberal/leftist politicians at their service.

Just as our soldiers are continuing their fight, signing up for third and fourth tours in Iraq, so should all of us who support them re-double our efforts this summer on the homefront.

Monday, May 22, 2006

VIDEO: Code Pink Gone Wild - When Moonbats Attack, Part II - May 18, 2006

This is an expanded version of the After-Action report posted on Free Republic:

If the above embedded video player doesn't work, you can
click on this link and watch the video in a separate browser window.

Desperate for media attention, the "brains" behind the so-called anti-war group Code Pink Women for Peace, Medea Benjamin, Gael Murphy and Allison Yorra thought they had a perfect plan last Thursday. They joined Cindy Sheehan, CIA turncoat Ray McGovern and approximately fifty or so Howling Moonbats on a planned demonstration and media photo op at the White House, and afterwards marched from there to the home of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in Northwest Washington, D.C.

As the rag-tag group of hardcore leftists began their parade from Lafayette Park to Secretary Rumsfeld's home at approximately 3pm, six members of the D.C. Chapter of Free Republic were already on-scene there and had set their counter demonstration plan into action.

We checked in with officers from the various law enforcement agencies present and took a strategic position on the sidewalk right in front of Rumsfeld's house. The media soon started arriving.

Image hosted by By 4 p.m. there were about sixteen cameras and reporters anxiously awaiting the arrival of Code Pink and Cindypalooza.

Image hosted by Image hosted by When word of the marchers reached our location, the media literally ran into the street and up the sidewalk to film them.

Image hosted by The Pinkos came marching down Kalorama Road and set up in the narrow street in front of Rumsfeld's, singing the refrain from "Give Peace a Chance."

Image hosted by The six counterdemonstrators began with a steady chant of "We gave peace a chance, we got 9/11," continuing throughout the bullhorn-powered propaganda speeches by Sheehan, McGovern and Medea Benjamin; not giving the media there even the smallest useable soundbite of the Moonbats. The Pinkos became quite agitated at our peaceful exercising of our First Amendment rights. Imagine that; just six of us chanting against their lies sent Code Pink leaders 'round the bend.

Image hosted by Code Pink's bad Robert Redford lookalike, Gael Murphy, argued with the police to shut us down and move us off the sidewalk and us out of the way. No luck.

Then Cindy and Medea and a few others sat down on part of the sidewalk at the front gate to Rumsfeld's house in an attempt to get arrested. CIA turncoat, Ray McGovern, hung back at the side and kept a low profile throughout the rest of the demonstration.

Image hosted by As the Moonbats had sat down right next to where we were already set up, we held our ground. As MSM video cameras obligingly rolled, and boom microphones zeroed-in on the sit-in participants, we started a new chant of "Media stunt! Media stunt! Media stunt!" A couple of members of the MSM nodded their heads in agreement. Sheehan spent her time sitting down alternately flashing the peace sign, mugging for the cameras and working her cell phone.

Image hosted by I was at the edge of the crowd that encircled the sit-in Moonbats and was trying to film at the same time that I was challenging celebrity Cindy Sheehan's use of her son's honorable service for her own political goals. (A standard problem with our small counterprotests is that we all have to wear multiple hats, countering the Moonbats' lies and documenting those lies at the same time.)

Image hosted by Image hosted by Angry Pinkos repeatedly tried to keep me from filming the sit-in while allowing MSM and lefty media sources free access. Some resorted to slugging the video camera I was operating, others poked me with their pink umbrellas, while still others body-blocked me and shoved hands, buttons and papers in front of my camera.

Image hosted by After sitting and chanting at the front gate for approximately twenty minutes, and failing to get arrested by the law enforcement officers there, Code Pink's Medea Benjamin left those demonstrators in that location and led a man dressed up as a Club Gitmo detainee up the driveway to Rumsfeld's side gate to set up a second front in their plan to get arrested for the MSM. She had the hooded Gitmo man sit down there with a man and a woman. Medea and Gael Murphy wrapped the side gate trio in pink yarn (symbolic of chains, perhaps).

Image hosted by Image hosted by
While the young gal gave a media interview as she sat in the driveway, Gael Murphy wrote phone numbers on the demonstrators' arms for them to call from jail.

The police kept a watchful eye as the trio leaned up against a curb at the gate along the driveway. We took turns informing the media of Code Pink's support for the insurgents in Iraq, their communist background and their support for Fidel Castro as Medea, Allison Yorra and Gael skittered about between the two groups of dejected sit-in participants.

Image hosted by After thirty minutes of the trio laying on the driveway, a frustrated Medea informed a few impatient media members that they were going to get arrested, soon, just wait. Then she complained to the police that the protesters hadn't been arrested yet. The police just shrugged their shoulders. They weren't ready to arrest anyone yet. Cindy Sheehan and Ray McGovern left, and demonstration participants started leaving, too. Sheehan had gotten an earful from several of us, including one man who lost a brother in Vietnam. Sheehan hates being confronted by Gold Star families opposed to her treasonous politics.

At that point the Pinkos were split into two groups, one in the driveway and the other in the sidewalk; and their demonstration was not going as they had planned. After more than an hour, they still had not been able to get arrested. Everyone in the media was bored, and most were either preparing to leave or had already gone. The Freepers and the Pinkos were free to engage each other. The Pinkos were not having fun. They called us chickenhawks; we catcalled back that their demonstration was a failure, that the police were bored with them, that the media was gone.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by They were not happy at all to have the same tactics they use at press conferences, hearings, fundraisers, conventions and the last inaugural used against them.

Image hosted by Medea finally got tired of trying to get her lackeys arrested for sitting on the sidewalk and in the driveway, so she had them get up and ordered them to go sit in the street and block traffic with a "die-in".

Image hosted by The only problem with that plan was the police had already blocked the street because of the protest, so again the police were not interested in arresting them and giving them their media photo op.

Image hosted by About a dozen Pinkos sat and lay in the street. Looking at them lounging about, forlornly waiting for the arrests that never came, DC Chapter co-leader Kristinn, walked over to them. He held his hand over their heads and started walking around them saying, "Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck." When he got to Gael Murphy, he called out, "Goose!"

She was not amused. So Kristinn walked back, again playing "Duck, duck, goose." This time he stopped at Allison Yorra. She was not amused either. What a bunch of sourpusses.

Image hosted by After failing yet again to get arrested, the twelve to eighteen remaining Pinkos walked back over to stand in front of Rumsfeld's. Medea was getting more aggressive. She shoved one of our signs as she walked around, and then tried a couple times to grab it from Mrs. Trooprally. The sign said, "Code Pink = Human IEDs." Mrs. Trooprally held onto the sign and held it high to keep it out of Medea's reach. Former comedian Dick Gregory arrived about then. He was late to the party but the Pinkos gave him a hero's welcome.

Image hosted by We tried to be quiet while Dick Gregory spoke a pseudo prayer. We only spoke out a few times in response to a few of the things he said. He did speak a bit of truth though; he said that the only force that can destroy this world is the Force that created it.

The Pinkos made one last ditch effort to get arrested as Gregory was finishing his speech. Medea announced they would try "one more time" to deliver a letter to Rumsfeld.

Image hosted by With that, three Pinkos, including the Gitmo guy, climbed on the low retaining wall along the sidewalk and charged through the tall, dense Japanese Yew shrubbery lining Rumsfeld's property and tumbled onto his small front yard, into the waiting arms of the police.

Oh happy day!

After two hours and numerous failed attempts, they finally got arrested.

But not Medea, Gael and Allison.

Like a scene out of "Life of Brian," they stayed behind and yelled words of encouragement to their dupes behind the shrubbery.

As the arrests in Rumsfeld's front yard were occuring, the police ordered everyone off of the sidewalk and into the street. Gael and Medea moved only to the curb and began shouting into their shared bullhorn. Medea chanted, "Donald lied, soldiers died!" Then she called out, "We love you Katie!

Image hosted by Gael took the microphone and added, "And Pete Perry and Dave!" Then she started to lecture the police, saying, "Listen police, agents, please treat them kindly. They are non-violent protesters."

At that bogus commentary by Murphy, I shouted at Gael, "The police will treat them kinder than you treated me!"

Gael whirled around and tried to head-butt me and screeched, "SHUT UP!"

I repeated that the police will treat the protesters kinder than Gael treated me.
Gael Murphy became completely unglued and whirled back around and slammmed her hand onto the camera, knocking my hand holding the camera down, and yelled, "WOULD YOU SHUT UP!"

Image hosted by BLAMMO!

Stupid move, Gael. And not very "non-violent", either.

Image hosted by Allison Yorra stepped in to calm Gael down, but Gael would have none of it. She pushed the bullhorn onto my shoulder, up against my ear, and Medea yelled into the microphone. Now, that hurt!

Image hosted by Image hosted by I forced the megaphone down. Gael forced it back up, but a watching police officer told Gael to back off. She and Medea walked away toward the shrubbery.

Image hosted by Sometime after this a fourth person (Mari Blome, 50 - the woman who slammed me earlier in the "peace" demonstration) attempted jail solidarity and plunged into the shrubbery. Earlier, she had been sitting on the Rumsfeld's brick retaining wall, holding a pink umbrella. When she saw her opportunity, she plunged through the bushes, but an alert police officer caught her by her ankles mid-plunge. Her held her while another officer handcuffed her. As I said, this gal had been extremely aggressive toward us all afternoon. I was happly to see her bundled off to the hoosegow for an overnight time-out.

Image hosted by Thoroughly disgusted by their failed media event at Rumsfeld's home, Medea and Gael didn't wait for the paddy wagon pick up their dupes. They hurried off to try and put out a positively-spun press release, an attempt to salvage all their planning and hard work, and to rally their flagging support.

Image hosted by Noted Code Pink screw-up, Allison Yorra, was left in charge. Yorra is the one who forgot to renew Code Pink's Walter Reed demonstration permit.

Image hosted by We taunted Allison for not showing jail solidarity and jumping into the police van with the dupes. When we challenged her for being a "Chickenhawk Peacemonger" she responded by saying something completely unrelated to our catcalls, (para) "I'm a married lesbian with two children." That left us all scratching our heads.

We also had a blast catcalling out to the dupes as the police perp-walked them to the paddy wagon, and mocking the supposed torture that Gael Murphy was warning the police officers against employing...

Image hosted by "Send 'em to Gitmo!"

Image hosted by "Put panties on their heads!"

Image hosted by "Muss their hair!"

"Call them mean names!"

Image hosted by "Make them eat mashed potatoes!"

After the paddy wagon was loaded with the four dupes, the remaining dozen or so Pinkos walked back down Kalorama to Connecticut Avenue. Their Pinko egos were left splattered on the pavement. And their violent behavior was left on videotape.

The following information is from the press release sent to leftist sites by Gael Murphy, and other accounts on those leftist sites:

Those arrested for unlawful entry were Peter Perry, David Barrows, Katie Heald, and Mari Blome.

Katie Heald, who traveled all the way from Oregon to get arrested, was released after only a few hours.

The rest of the motley crew were held overnight.

They all have a trial date of June 1st at 9am.