Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Eman Khamas - Baathist Apologist

Eman Khamas - aka Eman Ahmed Khammas, Eman Ahmed Khamas, Eman Ahmad Khammas, Eman Ahmad Khamas - is a woman I have written about previously. Right now I am just going back and saving for posterity the document which Khamas and Code Pink are no doubt gnashing their teeth about.

As of today, the website which posted this 2004 interview with Khamas still has the interview on its website; and for that I have to give them credit. I imagine that Medea Benjamin, Khamas and other lefties have pressured them to remove the interview, because it discredits Khamas' new claim to be a woman of peace who says that she never worked for Saddam.

I guess she forgot that she gave this interview, in which she said "Under Saddam Hussein I had a good job with the General Federation of Iraqi Women. Even though it was a facade for the Baathist Party it was a good place for women to work and it did many good things for Iraqi women."

Yeah, like when its representatives stood by and watched as Uday Hussein's death squads rounded up women and slashed them to death with swords and left their beheaded bodies on their families' doorsteps.

Eman is a Baathist, a Saddam apologist; and she is now working in America with Medea Benjamin and Code Pink.

I printed the article and scanned it here. Though the type comes out small when you click on the thumbnails, it is readable - should in the future MotherSpeak succumb to pressure to remove the article from their website.

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