Monday, May 22, 2006

VIDEO: Code Pink Gone Wild - When Moonbats Attack, Part II - May 18, 2006

This is an expanded version of the After-Action report posted on Free Republic:

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Desperate for media attention, the "brains" behind the so-called anti-war group Code Pink Women for Peace, Medea Benjamin, Gael Murphy and Allison Yorra thought they had a perfect plan last Thursday. They joined Cindy Sheehan, CIA turncoat Ray McGovern and approximately fifty or so Howling Moonbats on a planned demonstration and media photo op at the White House, and afterwards marched from there to the home of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in Northwest Washington, D.C.

As the rag-tag group of hardcore leftists began their parade from Lafayette Park to Secretary Rumsfeld's home at approximately 3pm, six members of the D.C. Chapter of Free Republic were already on-scene there and had set their counter demonstration plan into action.

We checked in with officers from the various law enforcement agencies present and took a strategic position on the sidewalk right in front of Rumsfeld's house. The media soon started arriving.

Image hosted by By 4 p.m. there were about sixteen cameras and reporters anxiously awaiting the arrival of Code Pink and Cindypalooza.

Image hosted by Image hosted by When word of the marchers reached our location, the media literally ran into the street and up the sidewalk to film them.

Image hosted by The Pinkos came marching down Kalorama Road and set up in the narrow street in front of Rumsfeld's, singing the refrain from "Give Peace a Chance."

Image hosted by The six counterdemonstrators began with a steady chant of "We gave peace a chance, we got 9/11," continuing throughout the bullhorn-powered propaganda speeches by Sheehan, McGovern and Medea Benjamin; not giving the media there even the smallest useable soundbite of the Moonbats. The Pinkos became quite agitated at our peaceful exercising of our First Amendment rights. Imagine that; just six of us chanting against their lies sent Code Pink leaders 'round the bend.

Image hosted by Code Pink's bad Robert Redford lookalike, Gael Murphy, argued with the police to shut us down and move us off the sidewalk and us out of the way. No luck.

Then Cindy and Medea and a few others sat down on part of the sidewalk at the front gate to Rumsfeld's house in an attempt to get arrested. CIA turncoat, Ray McGovern, hung back at the side and kept a low profile throughout the rest of the demonstration.

Image hosted by As the Moonbats had sat down right next to where we were already set up, we held our ground. As MSM video cameras obligingly rolled, and boom microphones zeroed-in on the sit-in participants, we started a new chant of "Media stunt! Media stunt! Media stunt!" A couple of members of the MSM nodded their heads in agreement. Sheehan spent her time sitting down alternately flashing the peace sign, mugging for the cameras and working her cell phone.

Image hosted by I was at the edge of the crowd that encircled the sit-in Moonbats and was trying to film at the same time that I was challenging celebrity Cindy Sheehan's use of her son's honorable service for her own political goals. (A standard problem with our small counterprotests is that we all have to wear multiple hats, countering the Moonbats' lies and documenting those lies at the same time.)

Image hosted by Image hosted by Angry Pinkos repeatedly tried to keep me from filming the sit-in while allowing MSM and lefty media sources free access. Some resorted to slugging the video camera I was operating, others poked me with their pink umbrellas, while still others body-blocked me and shoved hands, buttons and papers in front of my camera.

Image hosted by After sitting and chanting at the front gate for approximately twenty minutes, and failing to get arrested by the law enforcement officers there, Code Pink's Medea Benjamin left those demonstrators in that location and led a man dressed up as a Club Gitmo detainee up the driveway to Rumsfeld's side gate to set up a second front in their plan to get arrested for the MSM. She had the hooded Gitmo man sit down there with a man and a woman. Medea and Gael Murphy wrapped the side gate trio in pink yarn (symbolic of chains, perhaps).

Image hosted by Image hosted by
While the young gal gave a media interview as she sat in the driveway, Gael Murphy wrote phone numbers on the demonstrators' arms for them to call from jail.

The police kept a watchful eye as the trio leaned up against a curb at the gate along the driveway. We took turns informing the media of Code Pink's support for the insurgents in Iraq, their communist background and their support for Fidel Castro as Medea, Allison Yorra and Gael skittered about between the two groups of dejected sit-in participants.

Image hosted by After thirty minutes of the trio laying on the driveway, a frustrated Medea informed a few impatient media members that they were going to get arrested, soon, just wait. Then she complained to the police that the protesters hadn't been arrested yet. The police just shrugged their shoulders. They weren't ready to arrest anyone yet. Cindy Sheehan and Ray McGovern left, and demonstration participants started leaving, too. Sheehan had gotten an earful from several of us, including one man who lost a brother in Vietnam. Sheehan hates being confronted by Gold Star families opposed to her treasonous politics.

At that point the Pinkos were split into two groups, one in the driveway and the other in the sidewalk; and their demonstration was not going as they had planned. After more than an hour, they still had not been able to get arrested. Everyone in the media was bored, and most were either preparing to leave or had already gone. The Freepers and the Pinkos were free to engage each other. The Pinkos were not having fun. They called us chickenhawks; we catcalled back that their demonstration was a failure, that the police were bored with them, that the media was gone.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by They were not happy at all to have the same tactics they use at press conferences, hearings, fundraisers, conventions and the last inaugural used against them.

Image hosted by Medea finally got tired of trying to get her lackeys arrested for sitting on the sidewalk and in the driveway, so she had them get up and ordered them to go sit in the street and block traffic with a "die-in".

Image hosted by The only problem with that plan was the police had already blocked the street because of the protest, so again the police were not interested in arresting them and giving them their media photo op.

Image hosted by About a dozen Pinkos sat and lay in the street. Looking at them lounging about, forlornly waiting for the arrests that never came, DC Chapter co-leader Kristinn, walked over to them. He held his hand over their heads and started walking around them saying, "Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck." When he got to Gael Murphy, he called out, "Goose!"

She was not amused. So Kristinn walked back, again playing "Duck, duck, goose." This time he stopped at Allison Yorra. She was not amused either. What a bunch of sourpusses.

Image hosted by After failing yet again to get arrested, the twelve to eighteen remaining Pinkos walked back over to stand in front of Rumsfeld's. Medea was getting more aggressive. She shoved one of our signs as she walked around, and then tried a couple times to grab it from Mrs. Trooprally. The sign said, "Code Pink = Human IEDs." Mrs. Trooprally held onto the sign and held it high to keep it out of Medea's reach. Former comedian Dick Gregory arrived about then. He was late to the party but the Pinkos gave him a hero's welcome.

Image hosted by We tried to be quiet while Dick Gregory spoke a pseudo prayer. We only spoke out a few times in response to a few of the things he said. He did speak a bit of truth though; he said that the only force that can destroy this world is the Force that created it.

The Pinkos made one last ditch effort to get arrested as Gregory was finishing his speech. Medea announced they would try "one more time" to deliver a letter to Rumsfeld.

Image hosted by With that, three Pinkos, including the Gitmo guy, climbed on the low retaining wall along the sidewalk and charged through the tall, dense Japanese Yew shrubbery lining Rumsfeld's property and tumbled onto his small front yard, into the waiting arms of the police.

Oh happy day!

After two hours and numerous failed attempts, they finally got arrested.

But not Medea, Gael and Allison.

Like a scene out of "Life of Brian," they stayed behind and yelled words of encouragement to their dupes behind the shrubbery.

As the arrests in Rumsfeld's front yard were occuring, the police ordered everyone off of the sidewalk and into the street. Gael and Medea moved only to the curb and began shouting into their shared bullhorn. Medea chanted, "Donald lied, soldiers died!" Then she called out, "We love you Katie!

Image hosted by Gael took the microphone and added, "And Pete Perry and Dave!" Then she started to lecture the police, saying, "Listen police, agents, please treat them kindly. They are non-violent protesters."

At that bogus commentary by Murphy, I shouted at Gael, "The police will treat them kinder than you treated me!"

Gael whirled around and tried to head-butt me and screeched, "SHUT UP!"

I repeated that the police will treat the protesters kinder than Gael treated me.
Gael Murphy became completely unglued and whirled back around and slammmed her hand onto the camera, knocking my hand holding the camera down, and yelled, "WOULD YOU SHUT UP!"

Image hosted by BLAMMO!

Stupid move, Gael. And not very "non-violent", either.

Image hosted by Allison Yorra stepped in to calm Gael down, but Gael would have none of it. She pushed the bullhorn onto my shoulder, up against my ear, and Medea yelled into the microphone. Now, that hurt!

Image hosted by Image hosted by I forced the megaphone down. Gael forced it back up, but a watching police officer told Gael to back off. She and Medea walked away toward the shrubbery.

Image hosted by Sometime after this a fourth person (Mari Blome, 50 - the woman who slammed me earlier in the "peace" demonstration) attempted jail solidarity and plunged into the shrubbery. Earlier, she had been sitting on the Rumsfeld's brick retaining wall, holding a pink umbrella. When she saw her opportunity, she plunged through the bushes, but an alert police officer caught her by her ankles mid-plunge. Her held her while another officer handcuffed her. As I said, this gal had been extremely aggressive toward us all afternoon. I was happly to see her bundled off to the hoosegow for an overnight time-out.

Image hosted by Thoroughly disgusted by their failed media event at Rumsfeld's home, Medea and Gael didn't wait for the paddy wagon pick up their dupes. They hurried off to try and put out a positively-spun press release, an attempt to salvage all their planning and hard work, and to rally their flagging support.

Image hosted by Noted Code Pink screw-up, Allison Yorra, was left in charge. Yorra is the one who forgot to renew Code Pink's Walter Reed demonstration permit.

Image hosted by We taunted Allison for not showing jail solidarity and jumping into the police van with the dupes. When we challenged her for being a "Chickenhawk Peacemonger" she responded by saying something completely unrelated to our catcalls, (para) "I'm a married lesbian with two children." That left us all scratching our heads.

We also had a blast catcalling out to the dupes as the police perp-walked them to the paddy wagon, and mocking the supposed torture that Gael Murphy was warning the police officers against employing...

Image hosted by "Send 'em to Gitmo!"

Image hosted by "Put panties on their heads!"

Image hosted by "Muss their hair!"

"Call them mean names!"

Image hosted by "Make them eat mashed potatoes!"

After the paddy wagon was loaded with the four dupes, the remaining dozen or so Pinkos walked back down Kalorama to Connecticut Avenue. Their Pinko egos were left splattered on the pavement. And their violent behavior was left on videotape.

The following information is from the press release sent to leftist sites by Gael Murphy, and other accounts on those leftist sites:

Those arrested for unlawful entry were Peter Perry, David Barrows, Katie Heald, and Mari Blome.

Katie Heald, who traveled all the way from Oregon to get arrested, was released after only a few hours.

The rest of the motley crew were held overnight.

They all have a trial date of June 1st at 9am.