Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hanoi Jane Becomes Jihad Jane

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OK, now you know how I feel about Jane Fonda's actions during the Vietnam war.

Apparently, causing the torture and death of many American soldiers in that war wasn't enough for this traitor. She's back to do to this generation of soldier what she did to their fathers, uncles and grandfathers; and to spit on the memory of all our past military veterans.

Fonda is coming to Washington, DC this weekend, to participate in communist Leslie Cagan's "United for Peace and Justice" anti-war (but only if that war is being waged by the USA) rally and march.

Jihad Jane is a headliner at a pre-rally rally, at the US Navy Memorial.

Yes, the traitor is coming to a military memorial to denounce the military, the administration, and the USA.


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Are you angry yet?

Are you angry enough to get off your duff and get out in the street?

Well, you're in luck! A bunch of other folks who love this country and support our war on terrorists are going to be at the Navy Memorial to let washed-up actresses Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon and Rhea Perlman, Congress-creatures Maxine Waters (RAT-CA) and Lynn Woolsey (RAT-CA), Vagina Monologues' Eve Ensler and other America-haters know what we think about them and their blood dance at a military memorial.

Here's what you need to know:

Where: Navy Memorial, 7th and Pennsylvania NW

When: Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 9am


Please bring American and service flags, signs bearing messages of support for our troops, as well as signs denouncing Fonda and her band of traitors.

The Navy Memorial could not be more convenient to get to. It has its own Metro stop.

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The enemies of this nation are feeling so emboldened that they are confident enough to bring Jane Fonda to a MEMORIAL for the United States Navy. During the Vietnam war Fonda traveled to North Vietnam and posed with our enemy on an anti-aircraft battery used to shoot down our Navy pilots.

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Please join us in protecting the honor and memory of the sailors and pilots of the U.S. Navy from Jane Fonda and those who support the enemy in this war.