Friday, December 30, 2005

It's Friday... the Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed are waiting for us

And the angry, leftist, terrorist-funding, law-breaking, blood-dancing peace-rioters are hoping we won't be there.

We mess up their game plan. They hope to beat down the spirit of our wounded warriors with their little demonstrations. They say they support our troops, but how much money have they collected for them? How much aid have they sent to Fisher House?

Not one damn dime. Not one damn penny.

But they do collect money and send it to the "insurgents" who are blowing up our soldiers.

Their pals the insurgents do their work in Iraq, and Code Pink and friends take over the job on American soil.

They hope to win the hearts and minds of America's finest men and women, by saying they want increased government funding for vets - but they slip up when confronted, and they call our soldiers murderers.

So, which is it?

Are our soldiers heroes, or are they murderers?

Well, if you listen to the leftist's own words, they call our soldiers murderers.

And they don't even have the little pink balls to go up to a healthy soldier, or stand outside a military base and call our soldiers murderers.

They go to a military hospital, and taunt the soldiers least likely to kick their sorry, America-hating butts.

How much courage of conviction does that take?

We'll be there.

To call them cowards.

To tell them that their protest of the war belongs downtown, where war-making decisions are made.

To tell them that they are a disgrace to humanity by taunting wounded soldiers as they do.

To tell passers-by that Code Pink and fellow travelers fund the bombers who are filling the beds at Walter Reed.

To tell them that in America's most liberal city, they can't even get a crowd to join them, because even most liberals have consciences and know that taunting our wounded soldiers is disgusting, and they will have no part of it.

We'll also be there to say a very hearty, "Thank You!" to the wounded soldiers, their families and friends, and the medical personnel who are helping them to heal.

We remember Vietnam and how our vets from that war were treated, and we say, "Not this time! Not on our watch!"

Come join us!


Maggie45 said...

If I still lived in New Jersey, I would drive down there every Friday and join you, but unfortunately I'm in Arizona now. I would like to thank you and all the other wonderful people like Andi, Gunnutt, Landry, etc who do show up, and display REAL support for our wounded warriors. I have the utmost admiration for all of you. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

That was so great. You put it so well.

Happy New Year to a wonderful person, a great patriot, and a dedicated FReeper!


Tom said...

And we were there in force! We're there before the Pinkos arrive and are there after they leave.

If they "support the troops" so much, why don't they stay around for the bus from Fran O'Brien's? Answer - because they know the troops will flip them off!

Not to mention that they change their signs every few months to cover their real motives. No longer will you see "Maimed for a lie", or anything about Haliburton. The reason, of course, is that they have to hide their true identity and goals, because they know what the reaction would be.