Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Q: How Do You Know if Your Activism is Effective?

A: If you have a stalker.

Name: Malachy Kilbride
Affiliations: Spokesman for The Monkey Pants Collective*, DAWN-DC, Code Pink, Peace Action, Free Socialist International*...

*appears only to be one-person operations that this violent, woman-hating POS made up in his tiny little mind.

Malachy seems to have taken a psychotic interest in me personally after I videotaped a "protest" that he and his America-hating leftist friends had planned at the Silver Spring, MD Armed Forces Recruiting Center.

You see, leftists feel that they have every right to videotape, in the name of "Independent Media" anything they feel is newsworthy - but let someone else do the same thing? No way, according to Malachy and his "non-violent" friends.

Almost as soon as I started (silently) taping that day, the lefties started going berserk. They started asking me who I was, was I a good person or a bad person; and when I didn't answer their questions, they started shoving their signs in front of my camera, their menfolk came up to me and bodily blocked my camera, and some goofball woman charged into the camera to bare her teeth. Don't ask me - I just film these idiots. I don't try to psychoanalyze them.

Anyway, after I managed to get away from the tall, mangy, spitting lefty man, I walked down to the end of the block where the younger lefties were gathered together holding "books not bombs" and "peace now" signs - when out of the blue Malachy Kilbride came prancing right up to my camera with his limp little posterboard sign in hand, and he began slamming his sign into my camera and me and ranting about Alberto Gonzalez.

Great work, Malachy. Attack a short, chubby middle-aged woman - ON CAMERA! Montgomery County, Maryland doesn't take too kindly to men who violently assault women.

And I'll bet that your boss has a rule about using your computer - during business hours - to stalk the woman you assaulted a month ago; especially considering who your boss is. And there is no way to scrub your tracks from the boss's computers. Too late, anyway, little boy. You've been caught red-handed. Fitting for a commie, isn't it?

Folks, it's not too difficult to find out who I am, as Malachy Kilbride was able to do it (with the help of a NAZI Socialist nutcase I pissed off a bunch of years ago, during my days as a gun-rights activist). I've been very active in the gun rights community for years, and have been quoted in many news articles in that regard. I've helped some very good RKBA groups in Maryland to raise public awareness of the societal benefits of firearms ownership, helped to elect public officials who respect the Second Amendment, and have encouraged many women to learn how to safely handle (and own) firearms for self protection and for sport.

I semi-retired, in a manner of speaking, from RKBA activism after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, because my energies were needed in the fight against terrorism and those who support the terrorists, in the US. Since 2001, I've been involved with a group of good folks in DC and beyond, in exposing the enemies on our shores.

And that's why Malachy Kilbride, Jim MacDonald, Eric Anderson, Gael Murphy, Medea Benjamin, Allison Yorra, Mara VerHeyden-Hilliard, Brian Becker, Victor/Victoria and all the other leftists that come to DC for their peace riots hate me, and my friends in the DC Chapter of Free Republic, so much.

Am I worried about Malachy Kilbride and the others "coming after me?" Not really. They have left too many tracks that would lead right back to them, if anything happened to me. And my family would end up very rich.

Landry Fan, I will answer your challenge next...


Anonymous said...

I am an independent security consultant and here's my $0.02 on the issue at hand. I am widely known and respected in the field that I practice and rest assured that I know what I am talking about. Without giving out any sensitive information, I can tell you that this man has left an unbelievable amount of digital footprints in his hunt for this woman's identity; routers log communications, and so do servers, and on the Internet, everything must pass through at least one router and it has to come from a server. These logs are kept under the most secure conditions and are sometimes even stored in more than one location.

These logs cannot be erased without making more logs of the erasure activity, not to mention it is a federal offense to erase that kind of data without permission from the data owner. I run a server with a standard configuration and under that configuration logs are kept indefinitely. The IP address that has requested data from a server is also stored in these logs, and for those of you who do not know what an IP address is, I will explain. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is your Internet ID number, given to your computer at the time of connection to the Internet, no two computers in the world have the same external IP (internal IPs are a different story) and some computers, such as those that are part of a corporate, government, military or other high profile network, are issued what is called a "Static IP" which is an IP address that never changes, not even if you reboot the computer, or disconnect the network connection and reconnect it. Well there's my $0.02, happy holidays!

tgslTakoma said...

You are correct.

Thanks for the comments, whoever you are.