Friday, January 13, 2006

Are You In The DC Area? Then Come Join Us At Walter Reed Tonight - Friday, January 13th!

WHO: Americans who love our country, and who support our troops and their mission.

WHAT: A demonstration of support and affection for our wounded warriors, their families and those who work tirelessly to heal them at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

WHERE: The NORTHEAST CORNER of Georgia Avenue and Elder Streets, NW Washington, DC

WHEN: Every Friday night - As per our MPDC Demonstration Permit, we begin at 6:30pm and end at 10pm.

WHY: To let the brave men and women in our military know that the vast majority of Americans support them and their mission, and that we honor their bravery and sacrifice. We will not allow the left-wing, Hate-America Moonbats to turn this war into another Vietnam.

There is a group of said America-haters who began holding weekly political protests in March of 2005 at the gates of Walter Reed; where they held signs taunting the wounded soldiers and ridiculing their service. I won't post any photos of their despicable signs in this entry. You can scroll down and read about them in earlier posts. Suffice to say, their political protest belongs on Capitol Hill or at the White House - certainly not at a hospital!

Please join us as we show our troops and their families that Americans support them.

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