Monday, January 09, 2006

Code Pink and Kevin McCarron caught lying to police at Walter Reed - Watch the Video!

At 6pm on Friday night, January 6, 2006, the proud parents of a US Marine hung a sign on the fence at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The sign read, "No Protest Zone - Soldiers Healing."

Shortly after 7pm anti-war protesters arrived at their "protest corner" and discovered the sign.

A discussion amonst the lefties ensued.

Apparently their decision was that they were the only people who had a "right" to attach signs or banners onto US Government property. And the conspiracy to deny the First Amendment rights of the Marine's parents began...

A little guy we nicknamed "Weasel" handed Kevin "Maimed For A Lie" McCarron a knife.

McCarron (of Veterans for Peace) then proceeded to cut down the sign with Weasel's knife, handing it back to him and then folding up the sign and walking off with it.

Bruce Wolf's wife, a professional storyteller (I'm not making this up) then handed her hubby their car keys, and Bruce (of OPEIU Local 2) opened the car so McCarron could finalize the theft of the sign.

McCarron placed the sign in the vehicle and Bruce Wolf shut the car door and dutifully locked the car up. They apparently know that theft is a problem in that neighborhood in DC.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

We had a video camera rolling. And you can watch the scene unfold by choosing any of the following links...

Special thanks to Freeper "Spiff" and Jim Robinson, for getting this video online for me.

Flash version - streaming video, 10megs

Lite Version of same clip, 1.9megs

Highest Quality, Full size version, 48megs Note: some folks have had trouble downloading this file because of its size, but this is the higest quality version, and you can see everything very clearly.

The DC Police were called, and at first, the leftists denied to the police officer any knowledge of the sign, who took it down or its whereabouts. But when the police officer watched the video in the presence of the culprits, and demanded that they produce the stolen property, they did so very grudgingly. You can read the full report HERE, on Free Republic.

Code Pink and their leftist comrades have a permit from the DC Police Department for this corner of the street, but that permit only covers DC property. DC jurisdiction ends at the edge of the sidewalk. The fence is on WRAMC property, and that is US Government property - not covered by the PinkOs' DC government permit.

Moral of the story for Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, Gael Murphy, Kevin McCarron, "Weasel," Bruce, Candace, Matthew, "Princess," Large Marge and the rest of the crew:

Don't lie, to anyone; but especially don't lie to the police.

And don't lie to the police about breaking a law; especially when you've broken the law on a public street with so many witnesses who have cameras and video equipment trained on you.

And don't take stuff that doesn't belong to you.

And don't try to deny the civil rights of Americans; especially those Americans who have sons, daughters, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers in the military. It's those brave men and women of our military who keep your sorry, America-hating butts free.

Lastly, take your anti-war protest to Capitol Hill, and leave our wounded warriors to heal in the peace they have fought for and so richly deserve.


Tom said...

LOL great video! YOU ARE A GENIUS! The pinkos made fools of themselves and deserved every bit of what they got.

See you Friday

GunnNutt said...

You should have started blogging long ago. You're really good at this!!! I love your posts and all your great ideas.

Mad Mikey said...

It's great to see that you're 'holding the line' with these twerps.

San Diego Protest Warrior is also 'holding the line' as CodePink attempts to protest outside of Balboa Naval Hospital....we're constantly stealing their thunder and making them move off-site.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

the only change i would make is a warner wolf, ex dc sportscaster, "let's go to the videotape!"

great job

Anonymous said...

All the Code Pink should now have to Serve Jail time(3 YEARS) OR be required to Join the military(3years)like the 70's ,the choice is theirs.