Thursday, March 02, 2006

One More Reason To Homeschool Your Kids

Jay Bennish is now on paid administrative leave from his job as a teacher at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado. Why?

A 10th grade student in Bennish's World Geography class recorded his class on February 1 of this year; the contents of which has fortuitously made its way into the news.

You can listen to the teacher's 2o minute tirade against the USA, President Bush and his administration, the FBI, the CIA, Israel, democracy and capitalism, by clicking on this link, courtesy of 850KOA News Radio. Michelle Malkin is in the process of transcribing Bennish's tirade on her blog.

Bennish has been a teacher at Overland HS since 2000, and some of his students rated him at "" prior to the events that led to his suspension from the classroom. Though there aren't many comments, you can read the student ratings at this link, and you can read the parent ratings at this link. The only parent comment prior to the current controversy reads:

03/08/2005 - "This young man fails to teach history or civilizations, he pushes his own personal political opinions on students, presents them as facts and gets angry if parents challenge him."

So it seems that some folks have noticed this guy's propensity for filling young skulls full of mush with leftist dogma. And he's been doing it at Overland HS for 6 years.

That's a lot of kids.


Landry Fan said...

I listened to the 20 minutes. His comments about President Bush were questionable. What was 1000% over the top was his comment that the WTC Towers were a legitimate target. Closeminded teachers are lame. Bigoted teachers are lame. He is lame!

Tom said...

The latest is that Bennish is claiming that he was "taken out of context" and that "you have to listen to the rest of the class" which weren't recorded.

Sorry, kid. If you say "kill all the Jews" there is no context that makes it acceptable. It's obvious from the tone of his voice that he is trying to indoctrinate the students with his point of view. If a teacher cannot present both sides in a calm, reasonable manner, they shouldn't be teaching period. I say fire the punk.